Project Scientific Articles & Publications

En esta sección son resúmenes de papeles y artículos scientificos producidos por los socios en el proyecto.

Alvarez-Filip, L et al (2013) Shifts in coral-assemblage composition do not ensure persistence of  reef functionality

Bozec YM & Mumby PJ (2014) Synergistic impacts of global warming on the resilience of coral reefs

Bozec, YM , Alvarez-Filip, L & Mumby, PJ (2014) The dynamics of architectural complexity on coral reefs under climate change

Bozec, YM et al (2013) Reciprocal facilitation and non-linearity maintain habitat engineering

Carricart-Ganivet JP, et al (2013) Gender-related differences in the apparent timing of skeletal density bands in the reef-building coral Siderastrea siderea

Carricart-Ganivet, JP et al (2012) Sensitivity of calcification to thermal stress varies among genera of massive reef-building corals

Chollett I, Enríquez S, Mumby PJ (2014) Redefining Thermal Regimes to Design Reserves for Coral Reefs in the Face of Climate Change

Chollett, IC & Mumby PJ (2012) Predicting the distribution of Montastraea reefs using wave exposure

Chollett, IC et al (2013) Honduran Miskito Cays: among the last unexplored reef systems in the Caribbean

Chollett, IC et al (2012) Physical environments of the Caribbean Sea

Chollett, IC et al (2012) Seasonal and spatial heterogeneity of recent sea surface temperature trends in the Caribbean Sea & southeast Gulf of Mexico

Chollett, IC et al (2010) Upwelling areas do not guarantee refuge for coral reefs in a warming ocean

den Haan, J, et al (2014) Nitrogen fixation rates in algal turf communities of a degraded versus less degraded coral reef

den Haan, J et al (2013) Fast detection of nutrient limitation in macroalgae and seagrass with Nutrient-Induced Fluorescence

Ferrari, R et al (2012) Interaction of herbivory and seasonality on the dynamics of Caribbean macroalgae

Hartmann, AC et al (2013) Large birth size does not reduce negative latent effects of harsh environments across life stages in two coral species

Iglesias-Prieto, R et al (2014) Attributing reductions in coral calcification to the  saturation state of aragonite, comments of the effects of persistent natural acidification

Kennedy et al (2013) Avoiding coral reef functional collapse requires local and global action

Marhaver, KL et al (2013) Janzen-Connell effects in a broadcast-spawning Caribbean coral: DIstance-dependent suvival of larvae and settlers

Mumby, PJ et al (2012) Evidence for and against the existence of alternate attractors on coral reefs

Mueller, B et al (2014) Natural diet of coral-excavating sponges consists mainly of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)

Mueller, B et al (2014) Effect of light availability on dissolved organic carbon release by Caribbean reef algae and corals

Mumby, PJ (2014) Stratifying herbivore fisheries by habitat to avoid ecosystem overfishing of coral reefs

Mumby, PJ et al (2014) Ecological resilience, robustness and vulnerability: how do these concepts benefit ecosystem management?

Mumby, PJ et al (2012) Fishing down a Caribbean food web relaxes trophic cascades.

Mumby, PJ et al (2011) Temporal clustering of tropical cyclones and its ecosystem impacts

Mumby, PJ et al (2011) Grouper as a natural biocontrol of invasive lionfish

Nurse, LA &. Charlery, JL (2014) Projected SST trends across the Caribbean Sea based on PRECIS downscaling of ECHAM4, under the SRES A2 and B2 scenarios

Nurse, L (2011) The implications of global climate change for fisheries management in the Caribbean

Quéré, G, Steneck,RS & Nugues, MM (2014) Spatiotemporal and species-specific patterns of diseases affecting crustose coralline algae in Curaçao

Roff, G & Mumby, PJ (2012) Global disparity in the resilience of coral reefs

Turner, R et al (2014) Measuring good governance for complex ecosystems: Perceptions of coral reef-dependent communities in the Caribbean

Valles, H & Oxenford, H (2014) Parrotfish size: a simple yet useful alternative indicator of fishing effects on Caribbean reefs?

Valles, H & Oxenford, H (2014) The utility of simple fish community metrics for evaluating the relative influence of fishing vs other environmental drivers on Caribbean reef fish communities

Vermeij, M et al (2012) Survival and dispersal of turf algae and macroalgae consumed by herbivorous coral reef fishes

Wijgerde, T et al (2012) Oxygen and heterotrophy affect calcification of the scleractinian coral Galaxea fascicularis

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